VR (Virtual Reality)— As a UI Capability and Business Growth Strategy.

Why VR Expertise ?

VR Market Value to Hit US$70 Billion by 2021.

Ux Tagline

Immerse in a digital world created ,using a VR header (cardboard or oculus rift) and a gamepad to control the character. VR Header can be Virtual Reality Cardboard (with cellphone) or Oculus GO/Occulus Quest/HTC Vive etc and a gamepad.

Business Use Cases

  • Engage Readers and end users with 3D Learning Models and Virtual environment simulation for better retention.
  • Redefining Learning experiences by making the existing Application VR Enabled.
  • 360 degree view of product to consumers thus enabling better customer decision making and enabling sales.
  • VR walkthroughs of potential architectural projects thus enabling better clientele and improved sales and demos.
  • VR 360 degree experience solution to alleviate patients’ illness like pain, trauma, anxiety etc.
  • Provide, simulation-based training of procedures to enable trainees in any field to have ‘hands on’ experience in a controlled and safe environment.
  • Use VR as a customer service interface .

Business Offerings as Capabilities in this Area ( Scope : Unity 3D| Mobile VR Apps)

  • 1st Offering is building Mobile VR Experiences using Unity 3D 2019 ,an intuitive multiplatform game engine that has become the industry standard for building Virtual Reality games, applications, and experiences for the new generation of consumer VR devices.Unreal Engine for creating virtual Architecture to create virtual walkthroughs in VR Space.Blender for creating 3D Art.Using Google Cardboard mobile VR and A Star algorithms for Unity we should be able to come up with intuitive interfaces and also learn to make 3D art in Blender. Using A Star algorithms we can include AI behind our scenes and make more intelligent and engaging designs.

Objective of this Offering is to create 3DOF Mobile VR Applications in Unity. Another popular framework is CryEngine but we will stick to Unity as its most powerful.

  • 2nd Offering can be to create 6DOF Desktop VR Experiences using Occulus Quest/ HTC Vive. 6DOF Applications are better suited for Gaming . I feel we may leave this for now and target more towards Mobile VR App development as its suits most business application Interface needs.

Note : DOF means Degree of Freedom which is used by Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for computing head coordinates in 3d plane.

Hardware which we will cater to :

  • Oculus GO
  • PlayStation VR
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Merge VR
  • Nintendo Labo VR Kit
  • Google Cardboard with D-Scope — latest variation
  • Occulus Quest — Yes ,because Oculus Quest is not an ordinary VR headset. It is the first successful, standalone VR headset that works without an expensive PC and a boring cable.
  • Google DayDream.

Note : All the above headsets have their own plugins. Unity has compatibility with all.

Technologies we will be focussing for Training of our Resources. :-

  1. Unity 3D 2019– Cross Platform -All
  2. Unreal Engine (UE4)
  3. 3DS MAX
  4. Blender 3D
  5. Sketchfab & GooglePoly for creating and modelling 3D Objects and scenes for AR/VR.

Key learning

Unity Game Engine is very powerful however other popular ones are CryEngine and Lumberyard. Unity is the leader in VR Market and that’s why should be our primary choice.

Business Strategy Framework we will be focussing :-

  • None

Trainings Required

  • We have to train resources on developing VR Applications in Unity for Mobile . It should take 1 month time for associates to get fully trained and develop a mini PoC.Some relevant trainings are as follows

Must Explore


Due to COVID 19 , this Provider has declared its software for Occulus Quest as free and helps to achieve Work from Home in a Virtual environment. The software enhances the productivity by much more times through its environment and interface.