Building HTML 5 + WebGL based Game using KiwiJS.

Step-1:Drag&Drop with mouse events

Fig 1. Simulating a Goal using Animation

Step-2 : JS Animations

Fig 2. Easy way to achieve Animation using a GIF Image
Fig 3. Code Snippet on requestAnimationFrame
Fig 4. Simulating bouncing of ball.
Fig 5. Simulating an Elastic Function
Fig 6. Graph of an Elastic Function


Fig 7. Background Image for Game
Fig 8. Hero Sprite Image
Fig 9. Other Images used for building the Game
Fig 10. Defining the index.html layout
Fig 11. First Cut version of Game on which Hero moves using Arrow keys
Fig 12. Game in Action
Fig 13. Code Snippet to use Camera Shifting Feature
Fig 14. Camera Shifting in Action through Code





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Deepak Tiwari

Deepak Tiwari

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